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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog is Closing

I have decided that it is a better decision to put my daily forecasts on the Facebook page only rather than the blog and Facebook page. You can find said page on the right sidebar, please give it a LIKE to see my daily forecasts.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Overnight Weather - December 26, 2012

Tonight will feature cool temperatures across the Plains, where conditions near 0 degrees (F) could appear. It is likely that we will see dropping temperatures in the western Midwest, as cold air presses in. Relatively warmer air will prevail across the Ohio Valley and Southeast, away from the Arctic Air.

Snow will continue to fall across the Ohio Valley and Northeast, with rain closer to the shore. Accumulations will stretch beyond 12 inches, especially near the Great Lakes.


New Year's Potential Storm & Severe Weather

The New Year's potential storm system continues to be on track, but a bump in the road may mean it won't go up the East Coast.

Something that should be watched in this GFS forecast shown above is that high pressure system off the coast of the Southeast US. It is possible that the storm system could be forced north into the Ohio Valley or even New England area if that high pressure system holds its ground against that storm system in the Gulf Coast, or it could go out to sea.

Nonetheless, a good severe weather situation should set up across the South in response to this storm system in the area. Already shown in the 3 hour precipitation forecasts is a linear precipitation forecast, meaning a squall line could be forecasted by the GFS. It's too far out to tell, but that is certainly a forecast typical of squall line formation.


Forecast for December 27th, 2012

Weather Hotspot: Northeast
A strong storm system will continue to move through the Northeast, spreading heavy snows to inland locations and heavy rain to immediate coastal areas. Accumulations wil top 6 inches in most places, with lakeside locations likely surpassing 12 inches. Hazardous travel expected, unnecessary travel not recommended.

The storm system responsible for snowfall in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and similar locations will leave, bringing about cooler temperatures and lake effect snow in cities south and east of Lake Michigan. The state of Michigan may also receive lake effect snowfall.

A string of storm systems will provoke very messy conditions across many resorts and the general region of the Rocky Mountains. Some snow will also reach the Dakotas.

Pacific Northwest
Rain prevails as another storm system comes onshore. A very messy day in a very messy month.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 26th Severe Weather Forecast

The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting another dangerous severe weather situation tomorrow, December 26th, after an already destructive day along the Gulf Coast.

We are already seeing the storm system responsible for this destruction start to ease up on the Gulf Coast and start its trek northeast. However, as it does so, another area of potentially dangerous weather will evolve along the Southeast coastline. Cities like Raleigh, Charlotte and Wilmington will be at risk for the worst of these storms.

Here is my forecast for tomorrow.


Welcome to The Weather Centre Daily, a branch of The Weather Centre.

It has become apparent to me that many of the viewers on The Weather Centre may not be able to understand some of the terms I use on many of my posts. To both combat this and give a site for daily weather forecasts, I have created this blog.

Posts start tonight. Enjoy!